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environmental consultancy

Environmental Testing

Testing of pollution discharge, assessment of environmental impact: * Air quality measurement;
* Chimney emission testing
* Wastewater / sea water monitoring
* Noise monitoring
* Energy profiling
* Contaminated land assessment
* VOC emission speciation
* Petroleum pollution (BTEX) assessment

Pollution Control

We provide design, supply and installation of pollutionn control equipment, to control pollution discharge at emission sources.
* Bag filter tower for dust emission control
* Air scrubbers for acidic vapour
* VOC emission control - adsorption, thermal treatment, UV treatment
* Wastewater treatment system
* Noise control engineering design

Complaint Investigation

Study the sources and quantity of pollution discharge, environmental nuisance, odour nuisance, wastewater nature and discharge quantity.
* Prepare environmental pollution report
* Provide recommendations to control further pollution discharge
* Communication with government departments to solve out the pollution problems.

Pollution Control Equipment Performance Test

Carry out equipment performance test (commissioning trial) to fulfill government acceptance requirement:
* Design testing protocol
* Prepare Method Statement, Commissioning test plan
* Technical arrangement with government authority
* On-site performance test, demonstration to government authority
* Prepare commissioning test report, respond to authority comments

Public Relationship

Unfortunately the fact is : most complaints to your pollution activities comes from your neigbours ... We work for good public relationship with your neighbours and the society to keep up your positive image to protect the environment.

compliance to regulations

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring is usually required:

  • Government licence requirements
  • EIA study
  • Collect data for design of pollution control equipment
  • Land re-development projects, to collect baseline data
  • ISO14001 environmental monitoring requirements
  • Environmental management / improvement programmes

Please see our Environmental measurement and monitoring service

Environmental audit

  • Compliance to licence requirements
  • Environmental performance
  • Assessment of pollution control
  • Natural environment and resources

licence application

  • Specified process licence (air emissions)
  • Wastewater discharge licence
  • Waste disposal licence

Environmental reporting

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental review
  • Air emission inventory
  • Energy and carbon audit

Energy management

You can save energy cost through adoption of new energy saving technology, proper facility management and corporate management commitment and practice

  •  Energy assessment and audit
  •  Energy management and saving plan
  •  Energy saving technology and equipment
  •  Energy management system and ISO50001 certification
  • Awareness building and training