UK MCERTS Personal Qualification Training

P2G has been officially authorized by United Kingdom Source Testing Association to provide UK MCERTS training courses in Hong Kong. Candidates are eligible to apply for MCERTS Personal Qualification Examination to obtain professional qualification in emission source testing.

MCERTS Level 1 training course – Technician

Who should attend : An 1-day training course for personnel with little or no experience in emission monitoring or who are at the Trainee level of MCERTS and wish to progress to Level 1.

  • Introduction to major pollutants
  • Principles of emissions monitoring
  • Units and reference conditions
  • Operation of equipment
  • Introduction to extractive manual sampling
  • Principles of manual stack-emission monitoring

MCERTS Level 2 training course – Team Leader

Who should attend : A 2-day training coures for personnel who are at level 1 and are training to become a level 2 team leader

  • Monitoring legislation, standards and methods
  • Analytical techniques and limits of detection
  • Abatement systems and their effects on monitoring
  • Choice of sampling location and timing
  • Undertaking a measurement campaign
  • Choice of sampling method, technique and equipment
  • Developing site-specific protocols
  • Processing measurement results, calculation procedures
  • Principles of calculating uncertainty
  • Quality assurance techniques, UKAS, auditing and MCERTS
  • Health and safety requirements

Risk Assessment in Industrial Emission Monitoring

Who should attend : An one day training course covers parts of the legislation in relation to emission monitoring

  • Introduction
  • Hazards, Risk and Risk Assessment
  • Risk Control

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